There are many reasons why renting your ski and snowboard clothing is a great idea, perhaps one of the most important is sustainability. There are many aspects of life where it is easy to reduce our impact on the environment and one of the most effective is moving away from a throwaway towards a reuse society. This is especially true with clothing for your winter holidays. Why, when for most, you use once a year, buy your gear. By renting ski clothing, your impact on the environment is greatly reduced and with our kit, you do not need to compromise on quality and style.

We are committed to creating a sustainable culture and with this in mind. We have partnered up with Protect Our Winters UK, the British arm of the global effort. It would be wonderful if you could visit their site to see how you can help and make those little changes that make all the difference.

Taking the train can add to your holiday…

Here is a list of ideas to make your winter holiday more sustainable.

a) rent your clothing! (and of course we would put this as number one!)

b) reduce your travel footprint - it is actually really easy to get to the Alps via train. In fact, there is a company that gives you information on just this

c) stay clear of throwaway plastic bottles. Invest in a good quality bottle for your holiday, most restaurants will fill it up for you if you get something else, so you will save a fortune as well

d) choose a sustainable ski resort - across the world, resorts are using greener technologies. In Europe, Avoriaz and Chamonix are leading the way in France whilst Kaprun is doing it’s bit in Austria. Whilst in Switzerland, Saas-Fee uses only renewable electricity.

e) check out the local recycling bins, don’t be lazy just because you are on holiday

f) don’t leave anything on the mountain, except for your sweet ski lines!

g) join Protect Our Winters UK for updates and tips, it is pretty simple


Ed Leigh talks about POW…

For our part, we have some goals too.

a) currently we have a large stock of plastic bags that we use for our deliveries. It would be a waste just to ditch these, but when we come to the end of this batch, we will be switching to a reusable bag for multiple rentals.

b) we aim to migrate from diesel powered deliveries towards electric alternatives

c) to continue to use high end clothing which lasts longer and retains great quality