Do I choose the colours of my rental clothing?

We like to make everyone look great. We select the best colour combos and styles. Our look book shows that you will be happy with all the combinations that we send out.


How does the rental process work?

Two weeks before your departure date, we will send post you the items to your home address in Europe. Travelling with the jacket can be a bonus on the transfers up to the mountains and the other items pack down small into hand-luggage if needed. If you have any sizing issues then we can get the changes to you in plenty of time for your trip. At the end of the trip you just use the free postage label provided to send back within one week. 

What if I am travelling from outside of Europe?

Please contact us as we are able to make special arrangements for delivery to your accommodation in resorts.

Are the items clean?

After each return, the items are dry cleaned before returning to our stock. You get to keep your socks so your are responsible for cleaning them ;)

What else will I need on the slopes

It is essential that you wear light, easy drying layers. Micro fleeces are perfect. It may get very cold but it also may get warm in the sunshine with the activity that you are doing. We recommend some thermal leggings or tights and a base layer with a fleece top. Check out our Neckies which are more practical than scarfs. A warm hat or headband to where when you are sipping a hot chocolate without your helmet is also advisable.


See the video below for a few more tips on our to wear your clothing.