By following the link below, you will authorise your card to gaurantee the items that you have rented through us. This is similar to making a swipe of a card for a bar tab. No money will be taken from your card, it simply sets up an agreement where the limit that maybe taken is £200.

By making this authorisation you agree that you will return the items on the Friday departure night before 10pm latest (unless otherwise stated for individual events).

The equipment does not need to be returned clean, however, we will debit your card for the full cost of the items up to the maximum amount of £200, if:

• Items are in damaged (at the discretion of Crevasse Clothing staff)

• Items are lost

• Items are unreasonable dirty (at the discretion of Crevasse Clothing staff)

• Items not returned at the designated time and play

• Items are not returned